Basement Launch 2011

Claremont Studios CIC  refurbished  the basement project space. This  included improvements to the staircases; new lighting and flooring; functional storage space and improved access from the basement to the rear outdoor space. A rebrand and launch to highlight a new direction in programming was also incorporated.

The development of ‘Project Space’ as a refurbishment project for real and virtual art spaces at Claremont Studios CIC involved the refurbishment of the basement gallery to create a project space that was inclusive and accessible to a wide range of people irrespective of age or ability while integrating high standards of design. This entailed improvements to staircases, lighting, functional storage space and direct access from the basement gallery to the rear of the building, The upgrade of the existing website, re-branding and marketing of the Studios and its facilities. By upgrading the server and redesigning the website it allowed for more virtually based experimental projects to be developed and accessed via the internet and social networks, making regional, national and international projects a definite part of the Claremont Studios CIC ‘Project Space’ .

For our Basement launch Event we were very pleased to have Kim Forward the mayor of Hastings attend our launch and give an opening speech and post images of the event on her website. Our final visitors were the twinning officer for Dordrecht in Holland one of Hastings twin towns with whom we are discussing an artists exchange project and the Director of Espace 36 in St Omer France.