The ‘hijacked’ experience is the culmination of a series of ideas and interests examined by Kenton over the last 2 years. This installation consists of 1000 dustbin liners, 1920 meters of gaffer tape, and is inflated by 6 converted vacuum cleaners. The sculpture is intended to expand gently until it reaches a point where it has literally ‘hijacked’ the gallery space subsequently restricting and forcing the audience from the room.

The work in this exhibition was constructed within the Pine Gallery space and takes its dimensions from it. It is a space that Kenton has been interested in for a while. Kenton’s interest in inflatable sculptures resulted from a desire to work in spaces that were often difficult or impossible to work in. Inflatable sculptures have enabled Kenton to construct his work away from a site and then surreptitiously place it where he wants. Through doing this, he soon acquired the reputation for ‘hijacking’ space.