Maggie Cullen


As one of the artists who exhibited in the Personal Growth Show in the summer of 2008 Maggie Cullen was working in Claremont during a period of bereavement. She wrote then that the exhibition ‘Personal Growth’ had particular resonance. She found that the pain had stripped away stuff that was not important and gave new focus to her research.

She has just spent three months working in the studio that belonged to her friend, the sculptor Sonja Wyndham-West, following a second bereavement. This exhibition is the result of this period of reflection and her personal need to work and to make art as an act of quiet survival.

The sculpture uses furniture that belonged to her brother and her mother and that dates from her childhood. It has been recycled as an act of reparation.

Exhibition opens on the 30.05.09 and runs to 31.05.09 at The Reading Room, 12 Claremont, Hastings TN34 1HA

2 – 6pm