‘txt’ is a pilot project for a collection of contemporary visual artworks which incorporate the written word in a powerful and innovative way. The exhibition explores the tension and complexity created when a word is used not only for its literal meaning but also as a visual cue to lead through to layers of subtext and implied meaning. The theme of the exhibition ‘The art of words’ is based around three key art works by former and current Claremont Studios artists The late Jonathan Cole, Tracey Johnson and Caroline Le Breton all of whom have made work using the written word. The artists explore the concept of ‘txt’ in a provocative and thoughtful manner and are selected to contrast their inherent response to the way we view and write our world.

Many thanks to the artists who have so generously contributed their work, collective experience and expertise Kirsten Reynolds, Andrew and Eden Kotting and Alan Rankle and to Jasmine Crowther and Adam Gibrelli from South Coast College Hastings.