ICI et LA/Here and There

CSCIC New Trans Border Project gets underway. Artists meet 

The invited artists work across a range of media including video, sound, photography, performance and site-specific interventions. Jini Rawlings (Brighton & Hove UK), Rossella Piccinno (Lille FR), Bie Michels (Antwerp BE), Yvo Van Der Vat (Dordrecht, NL), Noordkaap Foundation (Doredrecht NL), Stefan Hofmann (Rotterdam NL), Holger Stark (Rostock DE), Dominika Skutnik (Gdansk PL).

Four students were also selected and who will be encouraged to work collaboratively in the two locations; they are Daniel Dowling and Izabela Brudkiewicz (Sussex Coast College Hastings) and Delphine Deshayes and Ines Willaume (École Régionale des Beaux Arts Dunkerque).

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